Natural, Drop-Dead Gorgeous Eyebrows Now Possible With Henna

Natural, Drop-Dead Gorgeous Eyebrows Now Possible With Henna
The eyebrows are the most important feature of our face. They are important in terms of beauty, as they complete our eyes and define the frame of our face. Eyebrows also help us in communicating more effectively. Can you imagine facial expressions with just your eyes, without your eyebrows? A few facts that call for its proper grooming and dyeing so that you can get that drop-dead gorgeous look you always wanted.

The modern-day beauty industry has lately been in the firm grips of the overwhelming urge to go all natural. So, what can be better than going “all Henna” about your facial beautification too? Henna brows, therefore, comes up as the best natural alternative to contemporary eyebrow colouring. 

Henna has been in use from ancient times for colouring hair, skin and fingernails. Though there are many chemical-based solutions available nowadays, many people are still using this age-old natural, safe and long-lasting option for colouring their bodies, more so for colouring their eyebrows. And since the best henna for eyebrows also leaves a tint on the skin underneath, so it also empowers you to get that exact eyebrow shape you always wanted. Now does that interest you? Henna eyebrow tint, thus allows you to fill up even those bald, broken patches that you never knew you could fill up, and so naturally too. 

Who all can tint with henna for eyebrows:

  1. Those looking to get naturally beautiful, dense looking eyebrows without the use of
  2. Those excessively exposed to sunlight, or who need to stay outdoors for long.
  3. People suffering from discolouration of the eyebrows due to ageing.
  4. Those with naturally faint eyebrows.
  5. If you have patchy, broken eyebrows.

Henna brows tinting is, thus, safe and long-lasting, while it perfectly lives up to all the boom and hype of the present-day fashion industry. Henna stains create an illusion of depth and fullness that remains on the skin for up to two weeks, while the hair remains coloured for up to six weeks. Thus, offering a long-lasting solution that not just helps you in saving precious time, but also enhances your look with minimum, timely efforts. 

In conclusion:

Due to the constant addition of new products everyday, the urge to arrive at the best and safest option for eyebrow tinting has also increased. And we all know how important online user reviews have become to indicate which products are really working and which are not. A fact that points us clearly toward Mina iBrow Henna.

Considered as one of the best henna for eyebrows tinting by its users, Mina iBrow Henna has attained the reputation of being safe for all skin types. Made up of 75% plant-based ingredients—has no lead and ammonia and is vegan-friendly, it works with just plain warm water, unlike the other brow tints that require chemicals or oxidants to activate. A fact which also makes it perfectly safe for usage at home without any professional help. In addition to this, organic henna brows tinting also doesn’t cause dryness or damage. They only coat the eyebrow hair from the outside with natural colour, while keeping the hair hydrated and healthy, which encourages natural hair growth.

The longevity of henna tinting also depends upon a person’s skin type and post-treatment maintenance. It has been noticed that people with darker complexions show longer lasting colouration. Desisting from over-washing the face also helps maintain henna brows for long. Using certain conditioners and oils can make them further long lasting.

In conclusion, therefore, Mina iBrow Henna stands out as a name in the market to be the best henna for eyebrows treatment for those who don’t like threading or getting under the needle, but dream of having fluffy brow hair. It also comes with an array of colour options for those who love to experiment with their look.

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