Top 10 Important Unknown facts About your Eyebrows

Top 10 Important Unknown facts About your Eyebrows

We tend to take a lot of care in the endeavor to maintain the pretty pair of brows. Right from making sure whether the eyebrow henna dye is suitable for your skin tone to that of waxing, to that of trimming the brows, our efforts seem to be unending when it comes to taking the proper care of the brows. Eyebrows seem to be an integral part of the facial charm and beauty while helps glam up the looks in an exceptional manner to be precise. Flaunting the perfect pair of eyebrows that are neatly done happens to be that dream of every woman in the present.

Did you ever wonder what are the eyebrows just a pair of brows that helps add glamour? there is more to it than just that? Well, there are certain unknown facts about the eyebrows that majorly remains unexplored. Let us explore certain facts about eyebrows that are yet to be explored to be precise.

Here is a list of 10 odd, weird and unknown facts about the pair of eyebrows that sits pretty on the forehead:-

Eyebrows Facts

  1. They Come With A Functionality:–
    There is more to the presence of the eyebrows on the forehead adding the quotient of glamour, style, and beauty. The eyebrows function to help us see by keeping moisture out if our eyes for the matter. So there is a factor of functionality to the existence of the eyebrows.

  2. There Is A Lot Of Hair:-
    The eyebrows have a lot of hair in them. Did you ever think that an eyebrow can have 250 hairs? Surprised? Well, yes, an eyebrow on an average basis can have 250 hairs and plucked eyebrows can have as many as 1100 total hairs for the matter.

  3. They Come With A Lifespan:–
    Yes, on an average, eyebrows come with a lifespan. In general, it is about four months, which means that to shed off every hair of the brows generally takes about four months in this respective context.

  4. Brows Are Important For Facial Recognition:–
    Eyebrows are the important part of the facial structure and help in giving recognition to the face. People did state that eyebrows happen to be extremely crucial in giving the face the desired recognition that is required.

  5. Eyebrows Are Kind Of Voice Controlled:–
    Eyebrows are sort of voice controlled as we can understand. As the pitch of our voice rises, so does our eyebrows and as it decreases we notice a fall in the eyebrows as well. This relation is something that we majorly fail to notice in the fast-paced times of hectic work schedules.

  6. We Give Humans A Special Edge:–
    As human beings, in our case, the eyebrows give us a special edge over all the other mammals as we can help express our feelings and emotions better with the help of the pair of brows that are visible on the forehead. Expressions like happiness, a frown or anger, easily find expression in the diverse shapes and depiction through the eyebrows.

  7. History Bears Testimony To Eyebrow Grooming:–
    As per historical records, history bears truth that eyebrows were an integral part of fashion and style and every age across the globe has different expressions over time. Like in Florence, during the Renaissance, people had shaved their eyebrows off completely.

  8. Eyebrows Can Be Dyed In A Variety Of Shades:–
    As per the latest trends of contemporary fashion protocols, eyebrows can be done in a variety of rich shades like bold golden brown to that of charismatic black to a classy shade of burgundy or an enigmatic touch of blonde that can be easily done with the different brands of the Eyebrow Henna Dye that are readily available in the present times.

  9. You Can Do Your Eyebrows In A Variety Of Shapes:–
    Eyebrows can be done in a plethora of stylish shapes like, Arched In The Middle, Arched Towards The Tail, High Arches, Barely There Arches, Extra Long Tail, Rounded Brows, Straight Brows, Tapered, S-Shaped, Short And Thick etc. As per the shape of your face and beauty parameters of individual preferences. you can wear those pretty pair of brows in a variety of shapes that talk of trendy style and fashion statements.

  10. Your Eyebrows Have A Lot To Tell About You:–
    No matter which color brow you wear or the shape that you do your eyebrow, your eyebrows have a lot to say about you as per the belief of the experts. Glam up those eyebrows as per your individual taste and preferences matching your style statements for the eyebrows are but a reflection of your personality and indeed have a lot to say about yourself.

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