Your Makeup is only Half Done without Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tinting

Your Makeup is only Half Done without Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tinting

Do you also fail to understand what is left incomplete after your makeup artist has finished giving you the final touches? It usually takes people months to realize that a complete look was all about eyebrows. That, to get a picture-perfect look, you must start focusing on eyebrow tinting. In other words, if you are serious about making an impression, never leave home without checking on your eyebrows. But, doing eyebrow makeup every time you step out is also not possible. So here’s this awesome short-cut solution that our experts have painstakingly compiled for your convenience.

A Trick that's Not Just Inexpensive, but is also Natural 

This is going to become the best eyebrow makeup hacks you ever came across. No more reading all the fashion magazines, desperately going through how Alexandra Venison discovered semi-permanent makeup. No more all the hullabaloo over micropigmentation and microblading your eyebrows. Why shell out 600 to 800 USD for micropigmentation and 200 to 400 USD for microblading when you have this wonderfully natural solution with you? This one read will give you a near-permanent solution to keep your eyebrows in the desired shape without spending a minute of your time on a daily basis. Not to forget, this process can also help you to choose between multiple brow colors.

Our Tips Compilation For Getting that Perfect Semi-Permanent Henna

Eyebrow Tint If you wish to get your ideal eyebrow makeup done, then first save your perfect references. You can undoubtedly get ones like Herb Ritts, Cindy Crawford, or anyone else as a matter of your choice with Henna eyebrow tinting.

  1. Go for that Perfect Shape First

Take time to finalize a licensed liner gist to get your desired shape first that fits your facial structure. It might take more than one sitting to obtain results. The process and the time consumed would depend entirely upon the difference between your original eyebrows and the ideal one for you. But once you complete the process, you would feel absolutely on top of the world.

You will find symmetry in length, density, and that perfect arch to match your eye. Even the best beauticians like Zoe Boikou (the founder of Germany-based Zoeva) vouch for that ideal eyebrow shape that enhances the facial features naturally. 

It can make you look young and add charm to your personality. So, with perfectly shaped eyebrows, you are half-ready for the world.

Pro Tip: Once you are done with finding your perfect shape, go for the best eyebrow stencil that fits your new shape. Also opt for a microblading ruler to maintain that perfect shape every time you Henna tint your eyebrows.

  1. Next in Queue is your Color

The makeup and beauty industry has innovations introduced faster than anything, whether it is the eyeshadows, highlighters, or eyebrow color.

If you are tinting on your own for the first time, then go for a colour that’s a shade lighter than your original color. This will help you to hide your mistakes if any. You can also darken a lighter shade up later on, if you like it. So play safe, until you master your game.

Users and experts recommend that you go for the MINA’s College Kit if you are just starting out. Those in their advanced stages can opt for their Professional Starter Kit. The product comes with eight gorgeous shades for eyebrow tinting. The list of the mind-blowing colors include:

  • Burgundy
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Copper Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Golden Brown, and
  • Blonde

The product suits all skin types and has no side effects. You can check it once with your dermatologist for your satisfaction.

This natural process for eyebrow makeup will give you a minimum downtime of 4 to 6 weeks. The tattoo effect on the skin below will last for up to 2 weeks, while that on the brow hair will last for up to 6 weeks. But, you will be permanently relieved of daily painstaking maneuverings with the eyebrow pencil.

Pro Tip: To maintain the vibrancy of your color try tinting after every 3 weeks, or do it once a month at least.

In Conclusion

The age of your semi-permanent eyebrow makeup will depend upon your skin type and your skincare techniques. If you use too many bleaching agents on your skin then it will vanish just as quickly. 

Also, this natural eyebrow tinting technique will give you freedom from using painful tweezers and highlighters that you used on a daily basis. Isn’t that great news?

So stay tuned for more on the best eyebrow tinting hacks. Till then!

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