10 Flattering & Classic Eyebrow Shapes That Make You Look Just Awesome

10 Flattering & Classic Eyebrow Shapes That Make You Look Just Awesome
Are you aware of the different shapes of eyebrows?
The modern-day fashion world is churning out different eyebrow shape trends every now and then. Choosing the right style brow that’s just perfect for your face is, thus, becoming a big task. We have curated a list of different eyebrow shapes along with their names and styles—an expert guide list of flattering and classic eyebrow shape options with low cost maintenance.
  1. Arched Toward the Tail
Suitable for round-shaped faces, this brow shape features an arch just before the outer corner of the brow. If you have a round face, you want to try and give yourself an arch so you don't have a round brow on a round face. This classic-looking brow looks fab on almost every face shape.
  1. High Arches 
Brows that are highly arched, well above the brow bone, are preferred by some big celebrities. These brows create a look that's perfectly lifted and sharply defined which is perfect for the camera. The arch is towards the tail, not in the center, to create that sharp and perfect look.
  1. Arched in the Middle
Brows that have arches in the middle or center can be worked upon a little bit and will give you a fantastic look. Take some professional help and ask them to clean up the hair under the arches without creating a peak on your brow and you are ready with that amazing look.
  1. Rounded 
If your other facial features are sharp enough, a soft round-shaped brow would suit you best to soften your look. Every arch shouldn't always have to be angular. Sometimes, a rounded shape can be the most admiring option.
  1. Barely-There Arches
This type of arches look the best as they are natural, subtle and have very low maintenance cost. These eyebrow shapes look naturally fantastic. All you would need is a tweezer to remove those extra brow hair once every week. You can use a brow pencil to fill in the little areas and you are ready with your groomed brows.
  1. Tapered Brows
This type of brow is very close to the "arch toward the tail," known as the tapered brow's. The inner brow is thicker than the ends starting from the center till the two-thirds. If you are in love with this kind of eyebrow shape, keep in mind that carrying the tapered look requires a lot of maintenance, including regular threading or face waxing. You must also have brows that are of the same width. 
  1. Straight Brows
If you have naturally straight brows and your eyebrows don't have an arch, you don't have to create an arch. This type of brows is known as straight brows. They look amazing with any width if maintained properly. Brush your brows regularly and keep them polished.
  1. Short and Thick Brows 
If you naturally don't have long eyebrows, particularly, then you perfectly fit into this short and thick brow trend. Thin and short brows are barely visible on the face, but short and bold brows give a classy look and help you look younger.
  1. Extra-Long Tail
This extra long-tail arched look goes to great lengths; the tail extends well even beyond the last outer corner. Use a reliable Henna brow dye to your eyebrows to add that touch of extra bold length to the tails of your brows.
  1. S-Shaped Brows
Brows that start from the central point between your brows, gently dip down and then rise again to give a wavy tail towards the end giving your brows an S-shape. This shape comes naturally and can only be corrected by eyebrow makeup or if you try to shape them differently. But if you choose to keep them naturally they look fabulous!
All the eyebrow shapes are unique and create a different impact on your facial features. Work on your natural brows to keep them in shape and well groomed and if you wish you can try adding different colors to your brows.
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