Some Eyebrow Facts You Should Definitely Know About!

Some Eyebrow Facts You Should Definitely Know About!
Now that modern technology has made so many things possible, brows that are the tiniest part of your body won’t get left behind. Yay! From brow coloring, micro blading to hand-drawn brows, changing your eyebrows in different colors, shapes, or whatever you want, has now become possible.
We live in a world where people are much more obsessed and experimental about their brows. In today’s era of photogenic social media brows, numerous trends like more, fox-eye and all the DIY looks that teen’s share everyday over social media platforms have made people crazy.
So here are some hard-to-come-by eyebrow facts that will greatly improve your eyebrow knowledge and help you rock your eyebrow game.
Knowledge is super-powerful, guys! 
  1. Did you know that eyebrows grow faster in summer?
You will be amazed to know that your eyebrows grow faster in warm weather. Want to know why? Well, all of our body hair grows much faster and quicker when we are super active. Summer typically means brighter and active days. People are more outgoing and active during this season. Summer activities result in better blood flow in our body, providing better nutrients to our hair, making it grow really fast.
  1. Eyebrows are crucial for facial recognition 
Studies have shown that people were in trouble identifying the faces correctly, even those familiar faces, when they were presented with pictures of their loved ones without their eyebrows. Thus, researchers have concluded that the brows are more important for facial recognition than the eyes themselves.
  1. Your eyebrows give you a special edge
Every other creature on this planet has eyebrows and they use them to express their emotions, but we’re the only ones amongst all the species that has eyebrows much more prominently placed against our bare skin—which, apparently, provides us with the super-advantage to more easily express anything through our brows to our fellow men and women for easier understanding and interpretation.
  1. Brow coloring in today’s day and age couldn’t be simpler
You can request your hair colorist to dye your brows in a similar color (if you're going for a big change) or you can always reach out for a slightly different brow color that suits you best. Follow some simple steps and change your brows sitting in the comfort of your home. You can opt for pencils, powders or gels that come in a variety of different colors and prices. User reviews indicate that Mina Brow Henna Kit saves time, lasts longer and is also way cheaper in comparison to the eyebrow pencil.
  1. Eyebrows have a big biological purpose for being on your face to begin with!
According to different studies on brows, they are not just the tail hanging over your eyes, eyebrows actually help you to protect your eyes by minimizing the entrance of substances from sweat and rain. That makes you think twice about plucking your brows too thin, doesn’t it? 
  1. Why doesn’t Mona Lisa have one?
Did you ever notice that?  As discussed above eyebrows are considered one of the most important aspects of facial recognition as it's difficult to identify an individual in an eyebrow-less image. But obviously we know the great Mona Lisa’s face in her portrait pretty well. There is a possible explanation for her missing eyebrows. During that time, women in Florence, Italy were really conscious about their facial beauty so they shaved off their brows as a beauty statement that was in trend. 
In Conclusion
Whatever history may present about eyebrow facts, brow coloring definitely occupies the center stage of today's beauty sphere. It is the latest trend with the promise that the strong brows may not just be another passing thing after all—a blank canvas to create whatever you want to present to others about you. So, get going, and happy eyebrowing!
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