• Henna Brows - What Is It | How To Apply | Benefits

    Henna Brows - What Is It

    Henna brows are the trending story of the brow world in the current scenario but if you really wish to know what they really are, here’s your guide. Henna Brows are the answer to your sparse brows as they fill in the brows for a thicker, fuller, and more brow-tastic look. Lasting up to six weeks, they color the skin under your brows for...
  • How to Map Your Brows Easily

    How to Map Your Brows Easily

    Both fashion and brow trends go in cycles. One day it's all about having thick, unruly brows, and the next it's all about having narrow, sculpted arches. However, eyebrow mapping has remained a common theme and is a technique used by experts to produce flawlessly formed brows (whatever that shape may be). But it's not only a pro trick; if you enjoy DIY beauty...
  • Stain Remover - To Remove that Extra Tint

    Stain Remover - To Remove that Extra Tint

    Doing the perfect henna brows at home is a task and surely since you ain’t a professional, doing your brows without a few mistakes here and there would be impossible too but we haven’t left you alone there. The appropriate shade must be achieved when tinting your brows in order to avoid appearing and feeling a little out of place. But what about the...
  • The Right Eyebrow Color for your Hair

    The Right Eyebrow Color for your Hair

    A new hair color requires careful consideration. The journey begins long before you take a seat in the colorist's chair. Before your salon visit, you tend to browse Instagram for ideas, make a Pinterest board for each conceivable color, and research what colors compliment your skin tone. It's simple to neglect your eyebrows when you're so focused on changing the color of your hair,...
  • 3 Ways to Exfoliate Healthy Brows

    3 Ways to Exfoliate Healthy Brows

    Everybody knows by now that we should clean our ears, but do you also remember to exfoliate your brows? Professionals in brow grooming advise exfoliating the brows to prevent ingrown hairs and encourage hair growth. And no, your current multi-step skincare routine won't require you to add yet another step. Exfoliating your brows can easily be incorporated into the process. You certainly exfoliate your...
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