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Mina IBrow Henna


Stain Remover - To Remove that Extra Tint
Doing the perfect henna brows at home is a task and surely since you ain’t a professional, doing your brows without a few mistakes here and there w...

The Right Eyebrow Color for your Hair
A new hair color requires careful consideration. The journey begins long before you take a seat in the colorist's chair. Before your salon visit, y...

3 Ways to Exfoliate Healthy Brows
Everybody knows by now that we should clean our ears, but do you also remember to exfoliate your brows? Professionals in brow grooming advise exfol...

What Will Help You Achieve Your BROW GOALS: Brow Henna or Brow Tint?
Although cosmetics are a wonderful way to express oneself, not every trend is here to stay, and eyebrows are a case in point. The reason we have br...

How To Line Up Your Brows Correctly And Avoid Mistakes
Getting our eyebrows to the point of Insta-worthy rather than cringe-worthy may be an enormous minefield due to our teenage propensity to overpluck...

How Are Brows Decade's Biggest Beauty Trends? How To Maintain Them?
Due to celebrities like Cara Delevingne, eyebrow grooming is a booming industry. Brows can be fluffy, HD, or tattooed. In the Middle East, Korea, a...

Facing Concerns With Brow Henna? - Here Are Your 4 Solutions
The newest advancement in beauty is the brow henna, which is intended to give users a more radiant and young appearance, along with fuller and dens...

You Think You Know Brows, Think Again! - Brow Trends of 2022
Basic is boring and somehow, brows are supposed to be everything but boring and that’s what 2022 has set apart. One of the key features of a woman'...

Cinema Day: The Curious Case of Cinematic Brows
Cinema has forever been a celebration of humanity. It is a debate: whether mankind inspires cinema or the cinema is a directive for how people live...

Henna - An Evolution Journey To Be Told
Mehndi (henna) has always been a deeply rooted element in Indian culture. It was initially used for its cooling properties in the houses and to mak...

Take charge of your eyebrows—answering a few common questions on eyebrow tinting
Are you a modern-day fashionista? Then you must know all about eyebrows, and how they subtly yet dramatically modify our look. But, did you know th...

6 Eyebrow Facts Most People Miss Out On
Who doesn’t like to look good? Or, picture-perfect for that matter? But did you know that you need to maintain your eyebrows too for that picture-p...